The Importance of TAs (and how to become one)

Without teaching assistants in classrooms, many teachers would struggle. Pupils who are less naturally adept at learning would fall behind, and the difference between the more advanced learners and those who need more support would expand. Or, the teacher would have to teach at the lowest level in the class in order to ensure that everyone can keep up, and in doing so the more intelligent would become bored, and could even lose their advantage permanently.

Without support staff, teachers just wouldn’t be able to do their jobs. It makes taking teaching assistant courses completely invaluable, and means if it’s something you’re interested in you’ll quickly become a vital part of the company.

So why do people choose teaching assistant courses?

There’s something so rewarding about doing a job where you’re truly needed and you can make a difference on a day to day basis. With teaching this is always the case. You can genuinely see how much of a difference it’s making to the children you interact with, and share in their achievements and help them through the harder times.

It’s also a great opportunity to give a career a test run. A teaching assistant course can get you on the road to becoming a fully-fledged teacher. You’ll be able to see if it’s the right sort of thing for you without spending huge amounts of time and money on a teaching degree or a PGCE.

Perhaps in your current job you don’t feel like you’ve achieved anything, and you’re getting bored with the same old nine to five. With any role involving children you’ll certainly be far from bored, and no day will be the same. You’ll see you hard work paying off in real time.

If you’re looking for more flexibility in both training and in your working life, it’s really a great decision. Unlike teachers, TAs are able to work part time to suit them (and they can often leave their work at the end of the working day with slightly more ease than teachers can).

Finding the right course

There are plenty of different teaching assistant courses available, from very basic ones to something a bit more advanced. It means that to further your career there are places you can go before you undergo a full teaching qualification. Any teaching assistant course will look really good on your application to a PGCE or teaching degree, because it shows both enthusiasm and aptitude for the relevant skills.

While the courses themselves are readily available, you might find that the flexibility of an online course is more appropriate for you. By taking a distance learning course you will be able to study as and when suits your lifestyle. Often mothers decide that this will be a perfect step back into work after they return from maternity leave. The hours are shorter than many office or retail jobs and many of the roles available are part time. If this is your end goal the chances are you won’t want to study in a less flexible environment.

If you’re working in a different area then you’ll be able to study to become a fully qualified TA in your free time rather than having to leave your job and therefore lose that income.

For more information, or to sign up for one of our courses, contact the Distance Education Academy today, and you could be taking the first steps into your new life.