View a range of testimonials from very satisfied graduates before making the important decision to further your career by learning with anyone else!

D.S. Dublin (Drug, Alcohol and Solvent Abuse Counselling Graduate)

A worthwhile and relevant course. The information received was very educational. My tutor was prompt, efficient, informative and very helpful in her comments about my assignment performances.

A.B. Saudi Arabia (Clinical Nutrition Diploma Graduate)

‘I would like to thank the college for the joyful time that I have spent studying this course, for me it was knowledgeable and brainstorming experience. The tutor comments were very encouraging and supportive. My great thanks for all those who contacted me and helped me.’

K Hyam, Kent (Psychology of Criminal Profiling Diploma)

“I have just completed the Diploma in Criminal Profiling. I was a concerned that I would not understand it having no prior education in this subject. I actually found it fascinating, and really enjoyed the whole course. I watch a lot of crime programmes but some of the criminals I researched for the course I had no prior knowledge of so really enjoyed finding out about them. There are so many good sources of information now to help you with your research, the internet and you tube I find lots of documentaries to help you.

If you have an interest in crime and the reasons why criminals carry out there crimes I would highly recommend this course. You get assigned a tutor who helps you after you submit your work with some great feedback.

I cant wait to start the next one.”

S Gumus, Essex (Forensic Science Diploma)

“I have received my final Forensic Science Diploma, and want to thank you all for your support and patience.  I fully enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone.  As a mum it was nice to be able to do the course from home and it also helped build my confidence.  I am now working towards my maths and then university, which would be a massive achievement for me. Thank you all.”

E.S. Co. Antrim (Child Psychology Skills Graduate)

‘I really enjoyed this course and thought it was excellent value for money.’

S.C. London (Life Skills Coaching Graduate)

‘The tutor-feedback was constructive, consistently supportive and highly professional.’

R.R South Australia (Human Resource Management Graduate)

‘The feedback received from the tutor has been reassuring, providing me with the extra confidence to continue. I am already looking at which course I would like to do next and have recommended the college to everyone both here in Australia and back in the UK.’

M.S. East Yorkshire (Diploma in Marketing Management Graduate)

‘I found the marketing management course extremely in-depth and useful. I found everything about the method and management of the course excellent and will certainly consider taking another in the future.’

L.V. South Africa (Diet and Nutrition Advisor Graduate)

The Diet & Nutrition Advisor course helped me immensely in learning correct eating habits and what a healthy lifestyle is all about. I have learnt about vitamins and minerals in great detail, food combining, creating an eating plan, changing your lifestyle, your metabolism and exercise. I have also learnt about diseases and disorders that before I did not even know existed.

T Chenyika, Reading (Forensic Psychology Diploma)

“The course is extremely well structured and suitable for students from all backgrounds.”

R Poole, Cardiff (Psychology Diploma)

“I would like to say thanks to my Tutor; his feedback was very helpful and I feel my skills in the subject have improved as a result.  He was also very prompt with his feedback which helped a lot. Thanks again!”

J Regan, Cumbria (Counselling Diploma)

“I’d definitely recommend this course. It is a recognised awarding body certificate for one thing which is impressive at interviews and on your CV, and it goes into a great deal of things. There is more breadth than depth and some things are only touched on fairly lightly, but for someone like a school chaplain it is an amazing course to do. I am finding that it is complementing my youth work training and my child protection training quite well.