Music Production, DJ and VJ

The Distance Education Academy specialises in home study courses, however, once in a while we find courses so good we have to offer them!
These music production courses are face to face courses (NOT distance learning) in East London.
The concept of these practical courses is to help you achieve your personal goal, whether it is to produce a track, record a DJ mix or learn to create and project your own visuals.

These are project based, one-on-one music production, DJ & VJ courses. The benefits of one-on-one tuition massively outweigh those of a group setting. You are the focus of each class allowing you to study at your own pace.

DJ courses:

This is the perfect entry into the world of DJing so make the move and sign up now. Learn to select, cue up and mix a selection of tracks. Learn how to listen to tracks with a DJ’s ear so you will know exactly where and when to mix them in and out.

Music Production:

Have you ever wondered what goes into producing a killer dance track?
Be the new Dre. Pick a genre and then learn to lay down a rhythm, program a bass line and melody, record a vocal or instrument, chop them up and arrange your own track.

VJ Courses:

There has never been a better time to get involved in the VJ art of live video production and performance. Real-time work is completely different from traditional forms of video editing (and a lot more fun!), so experience in that area is not a necessity. You will gain all the technical know-how and creative inspiration that you need to get involved in this exciting field.

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