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How to Manage Sickness and Absence course


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How to Manage Sickness and Absence

An important facet of management is the effective handling of workplace sickness and absence. The UK suffers a huge amount of direct loss attributable to this cause and its careful and balanced management is an important component of maintaining a productive and fair work environment.

Processes and policies need to be put in place that are understood and observed by all employees and that are fairly and consistently applied to them. This will not only let people know what is expected but also help managers in areas like advising and helping staff who have particular problems, identifying issues and dealing with them quickly and openly, managing return to work and flexible arrangements to help those who are able to work but perhaps not capable of full-time work for whatever reason. Proper management by these means can help to reduce absence, lost time and consequent loss to the business.

The aim of this How to Manage Sickness and Absence course is to provide students with basic information on managing sickness absence from how this should be notified, recorded and measured, to the principles of dealing with short and longer term absence, handling return to work and the assessment of capability in workers suffering from illness or injury.

Additional features include assessing and measuring the impact of absences, trigger points and timescales in absences, and records and monitoring.

The course should take between 1 and 2 hours to complete.