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How to Manage Redundancy training course


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How to Manage Redundancy

Redundancies in an organisation can occur for a number of reasons: a particular job is no longer required due to company downsizing, organisational restructuring, relocation or financial problems that require cutbacks to improve efficiency or balance the figures. Whatever the reason, it is a difficult situation and needs to be managed sensitively and correctly.

Managing redundancy can be an important part of a management role when the occasion arises and failure to handle it properly can result in conflict, poor morale – even legal action. Redundancy is often a costly process on many levels for an organisation but the impact can be minimised if it is dealt with in a structured and professional way.

This online course is intended to provide students with the information on how redundancies should be managed and covers; what constitutes redundancy, the legal requirements and the procedures that you need to follow to ensure the process is fair and legal, disrupting the organisation and staff as little as possible.

At the end of the How to Manage Redundancy course you should be familiar with: the legal framework, the process and the benefits of a structured approach, fair criteria for selection, consultation procedures, ways of preventing or minimising redundancy, payment and appeal entitlement.

The course should normally take 1-2 hours to complete.