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5S Essentials


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“Much quicker and more responsive than other courses. Fewer pages per module compared to others (although may be dependent on subject), so much more manageable”

DC 30/07/2013


5S is a well known tool from Japan for managing productivity. This course covers the basics of using 5S.

Each of the 5Ss is broken down into detail for the students as well as key tasks which are involved with each S. The following topics are covered:

  • Why 5S is necessary in the workplace
  • Efficiency and productivity in the workplace
  • Making items identifiable
  • Cleanliness and fault checks
  • Standardization
  • Auditing

Lesson Plan

  • Introduction
  • The 1st S – Sort
  • The 2nd S – Set in order
  • The 3rd S – Shine
  • The 4th S – Standardise
  • The 5th S – Sustain
  • Summary

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