Nail Technician – Professional Diploma

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You can work as a nail technician. By taking our Nail Technician Professional Diploma course you will be appropriately qualified to work as a nail technician, earning up to £17,000* per year.

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Nail Technician Course

Are you looking to go into business as a nail technician? Does the idea of preparing nails for a fashion show or a photo shoot appeal to you? Or perhaps you would like to work in a nail bar or a beauty salon? There are lots of potential job opportunities for qualified nail technicians.

About the Nail Technician Training Course

Nail technicians potential duties can be wide-ranging: application and decoration of false nails and extensions, the ability to consult on the general health of clients’ hands and feet; the procedures necessary for a manicure or pedicure; even basic massage techniques used to relax the clients’. This Diploma course will cover these areas – and more – in some detail.

What are my options after taking this course?

Become a nail technician. Our Nail Technician Professional Diploma course will qualify you for work as a nail technician, with potential earnings of up to £17,000*/year. You could be a self-employed practitioner in a health club, spa or salon, with other therapists and nail technicians. You could also set up business working from home or even operate a mobile business travelling to treat customers in their own homes. Or think of the fantastic possibilities afforded if you worked on a cruise ship or on contract to fashion photographers and designers or even celebrities!

Running your own business. This course also covers the business end of being a Nail Technician giving you skills you require to set up and manage your own business in this area.

*Source:, Sept 2012

No Final Exam!

If the prospect of exams frightens the life out of you, there is even more good news. There is no final exam!

Your professional image
• Health and safety
• Professional salon conduct towards client and colleagues
• Professional ethics
• Professional ethics towards clients and colleagues
• Your professional appearance
Bacteria and other infectious agents
• Bacteria – types
• Nail fungal infections
• Sterilisation
• Sanitation
• Disinfection
Safety in the Salon
• Chemicals used by Nail Technicians
• Overexposure to chemicals
• Eye protection
• Cumulative Trauma Disorders
• Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Understanding Chemical
• Matter and energy
• Properties of matter
• Energy
• Element, atom, compound and molecule
• Vapours
• Chemical reactions
• Catalysts
• Adhesion
• Primers
• Monomers and polymers
• Light and energy
Anatomy and Physiology
• Cells, tissues and membranes
• Cell structure and function
• Cell membranes
• Nucleus and nucleolus
• Cytoplasm
• Cell functions
• Cell division
• Body tissue
• Epithelial
• Muscle
• Nervous
• Membranes
• Skeletal system
• Muscular system
• Nail Anatomy
Nail Anatomy
• Nails and disorders
• Symptoms
Skin and its disorders
• Function of the skin
• Skins structure
• Epidermis
• Dermis
• Nourishment
• Nerves
• Skin glands
• Skin disorders
Client Consultation
• Clients’ needs
• Clients’ lifestyle
• Client record card
• Supplies
• Sanitation of implements
• Materials and containers
• Nail cosmetic supplies
• Table top set up
• Nail shape
• Plain manicure
• Finishing the nails
• Male manicure
• Paraffin wax treatment
• Hand massage
Basic Pedicure
• Supplies
• Pre-service
• Performing a pedicure
• Foot massage
Advanced Nail Techniques
• Nail Tips
• Application
Acrylic Overlay Tips
• Acrylic powers
• Supplies
• Pre-service
• Application
• Refills
• Maintenance
• Removal
U.V Gel System
• Preparation
• French manicure
• Gel maintenance
• Gel removal
Nail Wraps
• Supplies
• Pre-service
• Application
• Maintaining,• Removing
• Repairing fabric wraps
• Nail art
Areas of Nail Technician Work
• Mobile
• Home-based
• Salon-based
Safety at Work
• Control of substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
• Electric files
Aromatherapy recipes for Manicures and Pedicures
• Cuticle softening treatment
• Nail strengthening treatment
• Tires, swollen feet
• Cracked and dry feet
In order that we can assess your practical skills we require you to send in a full set of colour photographs for your tutor to check.
This must be your own work and verified by the person you have worked on and we must have a telephone number and signature on the back of each photograph.
• Plain Manicure
• French Manicure
• Full Varnish Manicure
• Manicure with Nail Art
• Pedicure with Clear Varnish
• Pedicure with Varnish colour of your choice.
• Set of Acrylics with white tips

Level 3 Nail Technician Award
At the end of this course successful graduates will also receive a Level 3 Focus Awards Certificate of Achievement.

What Are Your Study Options?

In order to provide our learners with the most appropriate and flexible online courses, The Distance Learning Academy gives you the option to study your course via two methods:
1. The traditional paper-based method.
2. Via E-learning

Study Hours
This is only an estimated figure depends on how much time you can dedicate to your studies and how well you grasp the learning concepts in the course material. Also, at the end of each lesson there is a question paper that needs to be done and returned to your tutor. You should allow at least 1 – 2 hours of study to complete each question paper.
The approximate amount of time required to complete the course is: 120 hrs.

Learner Support And Assessments

With this course you will have unrestricted access to your own individual tutor who is an expert in their field of study. It is your personal tutor’s role to make sure that you receive constructive feedback and to deal with any questions you may have. You are encouraged to telephone, fax or email your personal tutor whenever you require assistance.
You will also have contact with a dedicated and approachable team of administrators and course advisors who offer wide-ranging and professional guidance and advice when you need it. This ensures that you will never feel ignored and will give you the confidence to succeed.
Assessment Methods
After each lesson there will be a question paper, which needs to be finished and submitted to your personal tutor for marking. This process of continual assessment guarantees that your personal tutor can regularly monitor your progress and provide you with support throughout the duration of the course.

Professional Memberships

Society for Holistic Therapists and Coaches (SHTC)
Once you have completed of this course you can apply for membership to the Society for Holistic Therapists and Coaches (SHTC), a professional organisation who are dedicated to recognised standards of qualification and practice – you will also be able to use the initials 'SHTC' after your name.

Affiliation of Ethical & Professional Therapists (AEPT)
"The Affiliation of Ethical & Professional Therapists is dedicated in assisting you as a member, in the promotion and progress of your practice. Your profile will be go on our website and each month you will receive a free e-zine full of business advice and valuable information".