How to choose the right course?

We have over 100 courses to choose from so we provide a high level of assistance in helping you choose the best course for you in case you are uncertain of which direction to take.

Here are a few things to have in mind while selecting your course:

1. It is very important to assess your reasons for learning. Do you need a qualification to improve your job status or are you looking to accomplish a life goal or pick up a hobby? We have a large range of courses which will help you achieve your goals whatever they are.

2. How much spare time do you have to put towards your course and what pace are you looking to take? We offer both full and part-time courses with very flexible study options to accommodate your current life-style.

3. What is your current level of experience in your chosen area of study? It’s best to be realistic and carefully assess whether a chosen course is suitable for your skill level and understanding of your subject.

We provide a diverse range of courses for all levels, some of which do not require any previous experience or qualifications. If a course is right for you and you meet its requirements there is nothing stopping you.

Please get in touch if you need more information about a course. We can advise you on whether a course is suitable for you and help you to decide.

Enrolling on a course is your next move.