How To Become A Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Pull ups are a "problem exercise" for most gym users. Many people cannot perform a single rep, so here are 5 tips to explode your pull up performance fast! In my opinion, pull ups are as important to upper body development as squats are to the lower body.

With some jobs there is a very specific path which you will need to follow in order to get to where you want to be. This can vary from country to country, and while you might be qualified somewhere, you may need to take a bridge course in order to allow you work in a particular role somewhere else.

To become a level 2 fitness instructor in the UK you will need to take a relevant REPs accredited course. Before you seriously consider which course to take though, you need to determine whether the career which you’re interested is the right one for you.

Should you become a fitness instructor?

If you’re interested in fitness generally that’s a good start. It’s the sort of career where you won’t spend a huge amount of time sitting at a desk so you’re going to be quite happy with being active. This will make up the majority of your days after all. It’s not enough that you’re interested in our own fitness, you need to be someone who’s good at gently encouraging others to do the same. You’ll need quite a lot of patience. Motivation is an obvious quality of the best level 2 fitness instructors, but are you also organised and do you live to work with a huge range of people?

The sort of salary you achieve will, as with anything, depend on location, and how many hours you’re working. Starting salaries are around £14,000 per year for someone working a 40 hour week, for example.

Pick your course

If you’re still with me it’s likely to be because you still think that becoming a level 2 fitness instructor is the right career for you. The next step is to find the right course. For many, you will need to attend classes on a regular basis, which can be particularly difficult if you’re working or you have to arrange childcare. The other option is to choose distance education. This means that you will be able to study at your own pace whenever suits you most it’s much easier to fit in around your existing commitments, and means that you can become fully qualified and even find a new role before you take the step to leave your current job.


You can improve your chances of finding work further by getting a certificate of first aid, blogging about fitness and becoming an authority, as well as developing specialities within your work. For example, you could look into how to train someone of a low to mid level of fitness for a long distance endurance run such as a marathon. This will help you train people’s stamina in a more effective way, supported by your training and advice rather than attempting to go it alone.

Finding a job

Once you’re qualified you can find yourself a job within a gym with easy. When you’re here you’ll assume your responsibilities. This can involve designing gym programmes for clients, encouraging people to work out in a safe and efficient way, using the equipment correctly, as well as generally improving fitness, health, and confidence. You can also use your skills as a level 2 fitness instructor to help users to train for specific sports or for events. You can even help with rehabilitation following an injury by teaching users which equipment is low impact, and how to build strength in specific muscle groups.

What next?

If you’re looking for further progression, you could continue training and become a personal trainer. At this point you will be able to work within a gym or freelance, giving you more flexibility both of working hours and of earning potential.