Five Reasons to Become a Level 2 Gym Instructor

Are you looking for a career that allows you to positively impact the lives of others? Do you consider keeping fit and healthy as one of your top priorities in life? If you tick these two boxes, a level 2 gym instructor course is perfect for you.

Health and fitness is becoming more and more important in our everyday lives as a large majority of society are concerned with eating well and working out regularly in order to stay slim. Figures have shown that there are over 7.6 million adults in the UK who are enrolled in a gym; almost three million more people going to the gym than in 2000. Ultimately, this means that there is a growing demand for gym instructors in fitness centres. Here are the five pros of becoming a gym instructor.

Flexible Hours – One of the main perks of being a gym instructor is the flexible working hours. Essentially, one is able to choose when they want to work. You also have the chance to work unconventional working hours; there is often a high demand in the morning before people start work and in the evening when people feel like exercising after their day has finished.

Positively Impact Others – By enrolling on the level 2 gym instructor course, you have the potential to impact someone’s day by motivating and encouraging them to perform to the best of their physical ability. This is one of the most important traits of a gym instructor; it is essential that you are a bubbly and optimistic individual in order for clients to desire to work with you. By motivating your customers, you ultimately improve their lifestyle as you give them the confidence to push themselves further and to make them feel productive as a result of their workout with you.

Sociable Job – Leading on from the fact that being a gym instructor positively impacts others, it is also an extremely social job. You are working with people at all times, whether it is on a one-to-one basis or leading a group. It opens doors to building relationships and friendships with clients and also other colleagues at the gym. Again, it is essential to the job that you are a friendly and approachable person.

Healthy Lifestyle – Once you’ve enrolled on the level 2 gym instructor course you are essentially guaranteed to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle. This job is perfect for someone who enjoys exercising as both a hobby and a career; it allows one to work out on a day-to-day basis and get paid for it. For a gym enthusiast, what can be better than that? You have the potential to improve your own well-being whilst simultaneously helping others.

Reasonable Salary – A job as a gym instructor doesn’t necessarily pay huge amounts but it pays a reasonable salary starting at around £14,000 per year depending on location and this increases with experience and levels of expertise. Your salary will undoubtedly rise as you progress in your gym instructor career and maintain loyal clients who come back to work  out with you week after week.

If these reasons aren’t enough to persuade you to enrol on a level 2 gym instructor course you must keep in mind that your job will be a lot of fun. It is so important that you enjoy the job you are going to be doing for roughly 40 hours per week. If gym instructing is the job for you, you will enjoy going to work and socialising with people of different ages and backgrounds. The relaxed environment of a fitness centre couldn’t be further from a strict office atmosphere. There is so much scope for you to make your job enjoyable.