Is The End Of Traditional Education Nigh?


Nearly four years ago Bill Gates stated that he didn’t really see a future for university:

Five years from now on the web for free you’ll be able to find the best lectures in the world. It will be better than any single university.

While it’s not been five years yet, establishments such as Distance Education Academy are already making education that much more accessible, not only to those who would be looking for a university course otherwise, but also for people who are looking to train for a specific career or role such as a level 2 fitness instructor. It means that they’ll be able to afford the course itself where they wouldn’t have necessarily been able to otherwise, and they’ll also be able to study more flexibility rather than having to take on a full time course.

The reason Bill Gates said this is because university education is getting more and more expensive, and it’s recently emerged that many students are likely to be repaying their loans well into their fifties. It’s a bit daunting for many of us, which means many people decide that they simply can’t afford to study at a university.

As a result, these people take any job they can get, in any career. It can be anything at all, but it’s not likely to be what they would have been doing in an ideal world. Even if it’s in the right field, they’ll be coming into that job from a very low level, because they just won’t have the qualifications or the experience to start higher up.

Having to struggle your way up and being turned down for promotions for people who don’t necessarily have the experience but do have a degree can be really disheartening, and in some cases it might even ruin that whole career for you. No one wants to work in a role they dislike, where the feel undervalued and under-appreciated.

So what are the alternatives?

First consider what your passion is. You’re going to be studying a course so you can enter that particular career slightly higher up, and it will be a waste of time and money if you’re not quite sure you’re taking the right course. Level 2 fitness instructor courses are particularly popular with people who are passionate about their exercise and hate sitting at a desk all day. By training as a level 2 fitness instructor you’ll be able to banish the desk from your 9-5. In fact, if you want to you can even banish the 9-5. You can work for a gym, or as a self-employed instructor within a gym.

The benefits of distance education are more than you might first realise. If you didn’t get on with formal education, you can try a different approach. The chances are that the structure was too much for you, and the courses didn’t interest you. There’s so much to choose from that there will definitely be at least a few courses which will grab your attention – just have a look through our website for a few ideas. If you’re not sure where to start though, think about what it is about your current career that you’re not enjoying, and then it will be more obvious which jobs will suit you and which will start feeling the same after a while.

If a level 2 fitness instructor doesn’t sound like it’s for you, you could take a course in business management, or childcare, or law, or music production. There’s a whole world out there and there’s no reason you should limit yourself to traditional higher education paths or nothing. Study on your time, for less, and end up with the career you’ve always wanted.