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3 Great Fitness Blogs For Women

As a health fan, the chances are you’ve perused your fair share of fitness blogs. There’s loads out there, from ones which feature healthy eating and exercise, to those dedicated to body building. Whatever your area of interest, you’re bound to find something out there which is aimed at people just like you. As someone who is looking to undertake a level 2 fitness instructor course, the information on these blogs is likely to be especially interesting to you.

Keeping up to date with the industry which you’re a part of is likely to provide you with the best ongoing training available. Sport science is constantly evolving, and you’ll find that your methods could rapidly become outdated, or your teaching style antiquated, if you don’t keep an eye on the latest trends.

Sometimes you might find you need to advise your clients against following certain fitness fads which could cause injury or problems with the usual workout.
Men and women often have different aims with their fitness, and while they might still be aiming for the perfect physique everyone’s got a slightly different idea of what that might be.

1) Women’s Health

Women’s Health is a bit of a go to for all things woman. Everything from exercise to diet, it’s all kept very simple, and the articles are short and the search facility is cracking. At the bottom of the fitness page you’ll find a section where you can search for a workout based on the target area and how long you’ve got. It’s a great one to direct busy gym goers to so they can top up their workout when they have a spare 15 minutes, and you might learn something too!

2) Fitness On Toast

Fitness, fashion, nutrition and more, Fitness On Toast is written by a personal trainer and it’s just what we like to see. She shares the kind of information we all know, and it’s because it’s written by someone like you, it’s just the sort of thing we think you’d be interested in. In fact, perhaps it will even get you involved in blogging as well. It’s easy to write about something you love, and if you’re sharing your knowledge then people will be interested! Perhaps you could even write about your experience of your level 2 gym instructor course and the road to your new career – everyone needs an angle!

We love that Fitness On Toast doesn’t have an agenda. Faya isn’t trying to sell anything – she’s just someone who likes fitness, nutrition and fashion – she’s got her own photographer too.

3) Lazy Running Girl

This is the kind of motivation piece we love to see. Lazy Girl Running is written by Laura who loves running – but didn’t always. We’re sure that anyone who’s looking at level 2 gym instructor courses is pretty passionate about fitness anyway, but have you always been? When you start hitting the gym for the first time it can be difficult to keep yourself motivated to keep going. If you’ve ever let your fitness slip, you can be overwhelmed by the treadmill – and a few bad experiences can lead you to believe that no, running probably isn’t for you. But Laura kept going, and she got to the point that it wasn’t difficult anymore, it was just fun. Read all about Laura’s journey from lazy girl to marathon running super woman, and point your clients in her direction as well.

With so many great blogs out there, and your own personal tips, you can find things for both you and your clients to read. For everyone who hasn’t found their love for fitness, a support network can be just the ticket. Keep up to date, find like-minded people, and suggest things to your clients too. It’s the perfect thing for anyone interested in a level 2 gym instructor course.

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